Jane Hadwell Reflexology in Bridgnorth

What happens?

You will be welcomed into the PerfectTEN salon.
Upstairs is my therapy room - a calm and relaxing place for you to receive your treatment.
After removing your shoes and socks, you will sit in a recliner chair with pillows and blankets to make you comfortable.

For the first session, please allow an hour and a half as I will build an holistic picture of you - your health, lifestyle and well-being. With this information, together we will plan an outcome to ensure YOU get the very best benefit from your treatment.
Following treatments last one hour, where we will update your holistic picture and aims.

The reflexology treatment is as follows:
> Wiping the feet with an antiseptic wipe
> Gentle massage to both feet to help you relax and prepare the feet for reflexology
> Specific massage to right, left, then both feet to balance all the systems and organs in the body
> Gentle massage to both feet to complete the treatment
> A time for you to relax in the peace and quiet - many clients fall asleep during treatment
> A slow return to life with a glass of water
> Discussion of findings, home care and further treatments.

Please drink plenty of water following a treatment, to flush your body of the toxins that have been released. You may find you pass more urine, feel hot or cold, feel tired following treatment, or none of these. Just go with what your body is telling you!

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